Tuesday, May 25, 2010

LUCASFERRIER invites you to support people living with HIV/AIDS

When I established LUCASFERRIER I wanted to create a company that will give back to the community.

Since always I am extremely sensitive to humanitarian causes and in particular to causes related to children and hiv/aids.

With the financial situation worldwide many countries offer less money to international projects related to hiv/aids and in particular in Asia & Africa.

For this reason I would like to ask you to support NGOs related to hiv/aids. It is impossible to see in 2010 children and adults to die due to money. Life is more important than money. I cannot believe that NGOs will have to stop giving hiv drugs because they cannot afford to pay for them. Patients worldwide need them to survive.

How can we continue living our lives when children and adults die because of hiv/aids ?

My dear friends and visitors of my official webpage & blog, I would like to invite you all to support NGOs that help children and adults living with hiv/aids. Even a few euros or dollars are of great importance to help these people to survive. We must not leave them to die because our world decided that money is more important than life.
We must think of people living with hiv/aids 365 days a year and not only on December 1. We must fight hiv & aids and not people living with hiv/aids.
Show your love. United we can be a force for change.

Real love

Mrs. Nana Mouskouri one of the best selling artists worldwide and one of the greatest Greek artists decided to return to the Hellenic Republic ( this is the official name for Greece ) her pension from the European Parliament.

Since this letter was sent I did not knew if I should talk about it. A few days ago I was listening to an interview of Mrs.Mouskouri on French radio Europe 1 and I feel that I am obliged to talk about this letter.

This gesture of Mrs Nana Mouskouri shows once more how much she loves her country. She shows once more that she was in the European Parliament to represent Greece. She is whom I consider the best and only ambassador of Greece worldwide. This gesture showed once more her love for her country.

This gesture is a gesture that many politicians should follow. I am surprised to see that nobody else did the same. I am shocked for that. I expected that other politicians would do the same.

Thank you Mrs. Mouskouri for your love & support. Thank you for being our best ambassador.

And with this post I would like to recommend to people that love excellent and real music a unique dvd of Mrs. Nana Mouskouri. The last concert of her fairwell world tour. Filmed in Athens at Herodion in 2008. This was more than a great night. I was there and I recommend to everyone young & older to see it.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


WHITE BY LUCASFERRIER is the diffusion line of our company. It offers a range of fashion apparel , accessories and soon quartz watches and many more.

As I already said in a previous post, I always believed that community involvement is essential and important.

For my business partner and myself, it is impossible to accept any form of discrimination. For this reason we decided to offer all our benefits from sales of products of WHITE BY LUCASFERRIER made until June 1, 2010 to support LGBT rights.

After June 1, 2010 we will not stop this initiative. We will continue to offer proceeds of sales of WHITE BY LUCASFERRIER products to support LGBT rights.

Community involvement

When I decided to establish LUCASFERRIER with my business partner, I wanted to offer products of high quality in the best possible prices while giving back to the community.

There are many projects I support in person and I hope to be able to support more as a company. Since I was a student, I supported important humanitarian causes as a volunteer.

I believe that united we can be a force for change.

I am extremely sensitive to initiatives related to people living with hiv/AIDS as well to initiatives related to cancer, multiple sclerosis, children rights, education, LGBT rights and many other.

When with my business partner we decided to establish LUCASFERRIER, we agreed to support many of them as a company by offering proceeds of our sales to humanitarian causes around the globe.

I hope that you will join me in these projects and that together we will contribute in making a better and equal for all world.

Free Gemological Seminars

The free gemological seminars we are doing every week, have now an important number of participants.
Many of the participants asked me to write a book related to these seminars.
I will try to provide you what you ask very soon, since the last two years I made an important research for a book I am writing since spring 2008. My research was made in Florence, Paris, Amsterdam, Bangkok Istanbul and many other locations and I am still writing.
I will not say more right now, because I am not ready to do so. I am sure or at least I hope that by the end of 2010 it will be ready. I will post some articles related to this project in the future.

Diamonds and other jewellery

Many people think that we do not have engagement rings and other jewellery than the ones listed on our e-shop.

We have an important number of jewellery. As you understand we do not list everything in our e-shop. We design many items as bespoke and by order.

In particular for engagement rings, we have a very nice collection but we design as custom orders. We can design the ring of your dreams. You will choose your diamond and let us design with you something special for this unique day.

Special offers for April 2010

You may saw that this month we have special prices for all our automatic mechanical chronographs. The offer is valid till April 30 and until stock last.